There’s never been a better time to include blogging as part of your marketing strategy.
But many small business owners remain unaware of the positive impact that blogging can have.
Studies show companies that blog get 55% more website visitors than those that don’t. And the more website traffic you get, the more you’ll reach potential customers who are likely to make a purchase or fill out a contact form.
Not only does blogging drive traffic and promote your products and services, but it also helps build trust with potential customers.
Here, we’re going to highlight the benefits of blogging for your business, and how to get started.
And if you’re already blogging, we’ve got tips that will help you get more from your efforts.
So let’s take a look at why you should already be blogging…

To create value for your customers

One of the most important reasons to blog is to create added value for your customers. You want to provide a better customer experience than your competitors and with blogging, you’re giving your customers something for free, in the hope that the information will lead them to make a purchase from you on their own.

For SEO purposes

Blogging helps boost your search engine optimisation by positioning your website as a relevant answer to customers’ questions.
Optimising your blog for keywords is important because they are the lynchpin between what people are searching for and the content you’re providing to fill that need.
The goal in ranking on search engines is to drive organic traffic to your site from the results pages.
Search engines put a high value on new, original content being added regularly to a site – this tells them it’s active, so regularly updating your blog is vital.
Blogs are also an easy way to get more links to your website and content. You can cover important topics that other sites in your sector will want to link back to. The more links you receive, the higher your site will appear in the rankings.

To speak to your target audience

People are most excited to read, share and link to blog posts which cover relevant and specific topics to them.
For example, if you’re a business that sells environmentally-friendly products, you might benefit from writing a blog post about reusable plastics. In turn, this niche-yet-trendy topic will resonate well with your audience, as well as capturing the interest of other related consumers.

To build trust with your clients

A blog lets you communicate directly with your audience. How your blog looks and the way you write can be sculpted to suit your personality or brand voice.
Customers get to learn about the person behind the business and this level of familiarity helps improve sales, since people are more inclined to buy from someone they trust.

To establish yourself as a thought leader

Your audience will be able to develop a deeper bond with your business if you demonstrate you’re an industry expert.
Business blogging lets you write content that’s valuable, informative and exudes an air of expertise.
You’ll be able to assert yourself as a thought leader and authority figure by publishing stats, sharing research, creating infographics or offering commentary on industry news.

To grow your email list

You can use your blog to grow your email list, get more subscribers and then create impactful email marketing campaigns.
You could create an opt-in form that encourages people to sign up for your mailing list.
And you could give incentives to provide a benefit for signing up to your blog. For instance, if readers sign up, they receive 10% off their first order.

Let’s get started!

Air Websites give your business the ability to upload blog posts quickly and easily.
But if you don’t feel able to create your own content, our experts can do the job for you.
We produce content that will get you noticed, rank on search engines for relevant terms and help develop a relationship between your brand and your buyers.
If you’re ready to take on the blogosphere, contact Ascensor’s Air Websites team and get started.

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