What are AMP websites?

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) sites are a type of website that is cached using Google or Cloudfare, meaning that content including text and images is presented lightning fast to the user. The speed of a website can be the difference between getting that enquiry, or having them ditch your site – therefore a fast site is crucial.

To sum up, AMP sites can be a LOT quicker than other websites.

Here are some page speed results to support our statement…
Can you guess which site is built in AMP?

* scores out of 100, captured using Google Lighthouse speed test.

When to use AMP

There are some key situations when it is ideal to choose an AMP for your new website. These are just a few of the instances when we would suggest an AMP site for you.

Your current site is extremely slow
As mentioned, AMP seriously speeds up the page load time on your site, so if your current site is too slow to bear for many users then AMP should definitely be on your radar.

A faster website means a happy user and this leads to more conversions.
“A 2-second delay in load time resulted in abandonment rates of up to 87%”
This shows the effect that even a 2-second delay in load time can have on your website’s success.

Mobile is your main traffic source
If you take a look into your site’s analytics and notice that a substantial amount of your traffic comes from mobile devices, then this is a key indicator that AMP would benefit your business.

By looking into statistics like this, you are able to further understand whether an AMP site is definitely the right choice for your business. In this situation, AMP would definitely optimise the user’s experience.

You have a high bounce rate
If your bounce rate is particularly high then this is evident that you’re regularly losing users who were potential customers. If your site is taking a while to load then you can definitely assume that this is likely the reason why.

It’s often said that you have 3 seconds to capture the user’s attention on your site, that’s why it’s so crucial to take the steps that you can to optimise your site’s page speed and improve overall usability.

With AMP, you can look to really improve your user engagement and ultimately achieve a lower bounce rate.

So, what type of websites work well in AMP format?

Since it’s launch by Google back in 2016, AMP became extremely popular among large news and blog websites. However, it’s now more accessible for many more businesses, no matter their size. 

AMP works really well with information-lead websites, however, it might not necessarily be the best choice for a service-based site. This is due to the way that AMP works. AMP is more suited to presenting a high amount of content in a user-first and seamless way. Whereas a site that heavily relies on integration with 3rd party software would be more suited to our Air Website brochure sites, or a bespoke project.

In a nutshell, if your business requires a brand new website that is focused on content, such as a large and regularly updated blog, a place to go for FAQs or to find a lot of information, then AMP sites are the right choice for you!

We offer a range of Air Website templates that are available in AMP, so make sure to check them out and get your business off the ground today.


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