A template for every small business

What’s in a name? When it comes to Air Websites, they’re not important!
Every individual Air Website uses one of our exciting design templates which is then customised to suit your needs.
But don’t be deterred by the name of the template that’s best for your business. If it doesn’t match your sector, it really doesn’t matter!
Let’s delve a little deeper into the benefits of Air Websites to expand on what we mean…

The best of both worlds

A new website is always an investment, no matter the size of your business or budget.
With our small business-focused Air Websites range you’ll get the benefit of a unique, responsive website built for your business without the cost of a bespoke site.
With Air Websites you get the best of both worlds – high quality at low cost.
Our designs provide a framework for your content, but each one is very different.

Templated website design

Air Websites templates (some people call them themes, layouts, structures or wireframes) have been designed from scratch by the creative team at Ascensor.
The layouts initially contain place-holding content, but when your site is finished it will look as unique as your business.
The layout is simply the framework that holds your content – and we have plenty to choose from.
But the names of the templates themselves don’t reflect their suitability for a wide range of industries, trades, sectors, or markets.

Knife and Fork

Some of our most popular templates include:
The Hardworker This case study shows how it’s been successfully used for a financial services business, Leon & Co Financial Services.
The Architect Here you can see how it’s been transformed for an electrical charging business, EV Charging.
Sales Coach This template was configured effectively for a telecoms firm, Time Communications.
Knife and Fork Proved perfect for this garden rooms company, Cedar Garden Rooms.

When you choose Air Websites, we’ll discuss what you want your site to do, what you want to say about your business and recommend what we believe is the best layout to carry your content.
It’ll be prepared and styled to suit your business brand, and because we developed Air ourselves we can also quote you for non-standard customisations that meet the requirements of your unique business.
All Air templates are available in super-fast AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and are built using the industry-standard WordPress content management system, which requires no technical ability to add or edit pages.
You’ll receive hand-over training and have all the support you need once your site goes live.

Get your website off the ground today!
If you’re ready for a quality, professional site, contact Ascensor’s dedicated Air Websites team and get started!

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