Our Air Websites solution provides business owners with a template-driven, customisable website that works hard for their brand. This means you get the benefit of a professional website, without the cost of a bespoke site.

We offer four different packages, with over 25 different templates. This wide choice might make you ask – which type of Air Website do I need?

We’re here to explain!

Which Air Website is right for my business?

Brochure site

Brochure sites feature our standard range of templates. These designs are available in our Getting Started, Up & Running and Growing packages.

The templates are designed to suit a range of different industries, from hospitality and automotive to architecture and trades. Each of our Air Websites takes one of our sleek designs and is fully customised to suit your business with your own content, images and colours.


Air Interactive is our latest collection of designs. Captivate your audience with an engaging, animated experience that drives conversions!

These sites are only available within our Interactive package, which includes rollover animation, lead generation, user-focused design, parallax effect and lazy loading. Get your business off the ground with a visually unique, professional website for less with our Air Interactive solution. Find out more about Air Interactive here.


If you’re looking to sell online or display your products, then an Ecommerce site is right for your business. Our Air: Ecommerce solution allows businesses to reach more people and sell more with a professional, online retail website.

To discover more about our Ecommerce designs, then visit our dedicated Air: Ecommerce site here.

AMP Site

Our AMP sites are designed as Accelerated Mobile Pages. If you’re not sure what AMP is, they are a type of website that is cached using Google or Cloudfare, meaning that content including text and images is presented incredibly fast which is important as a fast site is crucial.

If you want to find out more, then read our AMP blog here.

AMP sites are perfect for information-led websites as they offer a high amount of content, including text and images, in a lightning-fast manner.

To see if AMP is the right choice for your business, then you can find out more here.


So now you know which website is for you, let’s get started – pick the design for your business now!

We can turn around your new website in just 8 weeks, so get in touch with the Air Websites team today.

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