Congratulations! You have a shiny new website that’s ready to promote your business. So, what’s next?

We know that great feeling of having your website go live, which can often feel like all of the hard work is done and now you can sit back and watch the sales or enquiries come in. But in the digital world, it doesn’t stop there!

While there can be lots to do in order to make sure that people are seeing your new website, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be hard work for yourself.

So to make it easier, we’ve rounded up some of the key things that your business should be thinking about as the next steps once your website is live.


Announce that your new site is live!

First things first, make sure to add a post on all of your business’s social media platforms announcing that your new website is live, as well as directing followers to the link. You should have a social presence on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter as the main platforms to start with, however in time you will discover which platform most of your customers and key audience are engaging on.

Alongside this, you can also use an email marketing platform to send an email campaign to your customers, clients or leads, to announce your new website and drive traffic through to it.

Plan a social media campaign

Once you’ve shared your first social media posts announcing your new site, the next step is to ensure that you have a regular posting schedule across social platforms.

It’s recommended that all businesses should be posting on their social accounts at least three times a week to encourage engagement. This should always be a mix of promotional posts and engaging posts where users can get to know the business.


Regularly update your website with content

Updating your website and preventing it from becoming stagnant really is key. Google and other top search engines favour websites that are regularly updated and are therefore more relevant for the search audience.

Whether it’s new pages, products, updates or blogs, any fresh content on your site is good content!


Drive traffic with paid advertising

Once your website is all set up and is raring to go, the best way to drive traffic to your site quickly is through another digital marketing channel – paid advertising. This is a swift way to increase awareness of your website to a specific target audience and can be done through:

  • Google Ads – Display
  • Google Ads – Search
  • Social media advertising


Monitor Analytics to see how your site is performing

Data is at the heart of all digital marketing activity. That’s why it’s vital to regularly check Google Analytics when running your website. If Google Analytics is not set up on your site, then get in touch with us and we can ensure that the correct tracking is in place, which will allow you to better reach your goals.

Make sure you have ongoing SEO optimisation

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the digital marketing service that makes sure that your website is found on search engines by potential customers. There is a huge variety of information that Google gathers in order to understand if your website is relevant for their users and whether they should be highly ranking your site for particular terms.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about the intricacies SEO yourself, we understand that you’re far too busy running your business! That’s why Ascensor offer an award-winning SEO service, so you can leave the SEO work to the experts and focus on what you do best.


Now that your website is live, you’ll want to spend your time working on the business, not working hard to get business. A full-service digital agency like Ascensor can take that particular hassle off your hands and promote your business for you. Get in touch with the team today and let’s get started!

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