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What does your branding say about your business?

What does your brand say about your business? Brands can have logos, names, tones and personalities, all of which allow your customers to get more familiar with your business and help them remember it. If I asked you which brand has a white tick logo, you’d instantly say, Nike. A great example of the power of branding is Coca-Cola’s famous red and white colours. Which they say Coca Cola’s brand was so powerful that it actually turned Santa Clause red and white…He used to be green and white. Branding is so influential as it diversifies you from your competitors and attaches your audience; what does your branding say about you and your business?

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What do your colours say about your brand?

Whether your business has been running for years or has just started, your businesses colours say a lot about your brand. Most likely you will sway towards certain colours depending on your personality and culture. Therefore, finding out how people interpret colours may benefit your business. To highlight a few, yellow suggests optimism, warmth and clarity. Red means bold, exciting and youthful.

Here at Air Websites, our colours are yellow and black. The colour yellow inspires people to keep moving while capturing people’s attention. We chose to use the contrast of black as this helps reflect our fun and imaginative approach to branding while remaining professional and sophisticated. This is reflected in our services because we develop websites that stand out, having a website that is optimised for search engines and a platform to share information with customers and prospects.

Air Websites promotes growth through movement because we create websites that are easy to manage, simple to run and easy maintain using WordPress. All our websites are fully customisable you simply choose your colours, images and supply your content. Take a look at some of our designs to see which one suits your business best.

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What does your logo say about you?

Logos help your customers remember who you are. When they see your products in shops, they will recognise your logo and remember your brand and the value you offer to them. Logos should be designed professionally, low-quality logos can create a feeling of distrust amongst the audience. Your logo could simply be your business name like ours is, as this makes it more memorable. Similar to logos, websites need to be professionally designed and they need to have search engine capabilities, have engaging content and be user-friendly just like our Air Websites WordPress websites.

What does your tone say about your business?

How you talk on your social media, blogs, emails and on your website all creates an impression of exactly what your business is all about. A strictly formal tone, suggest the business is very serious and quality focused. Whereas an informal tone suggests that your business is fun relaxed and creative.

So what does your brand say about you?

Consider how you want your business to come across, what you think you represent. Do research into what colours you think your business best represents. Analyse your logo, if you think your logo portrays your business then your customers will trust you and be attracted to your company. Think about the tone of your business. Ensure you’re talking to your customers through your marketing platforms the way you talk to them when you see them. All these aspects need to be synergised to ensure your customer know your brand and what your brand says about your company.

A brand and website create a first impression. Owning a professional website is the best way to get your brand out there and building for you. Get your website off the ground today.

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