Gain More traffic to your WordPress Site

How can I gain more traffic to my WordPress website?

Firstly, don’t worry, this blog will not bombard you with jargon. Links, meta descriptions and alt tags, and such other things terms we will leave out. We will simply find out whether it is possible to gain more traffic to your WordPress website.

Gaining traffic refers to getting more visitors to your site. Like other content management systems, WordPress has simple guidelines which will make your website more likely to gain more traffic, compared to other websites which don’t abide by these rules.

Make use of Plug-ins

WordPress has certain software features called Plug-ins. A Plug-in is a software which provides additional functionalities to your WordPress website, for example, the Google Analytics Plug-in allows you to analyse traffic coming to your site and what source it has come from. It is assumable that your WordPress site will already have some plug-ins already on, Our Air Websites sites come with social and SEO plug-ins to make sure you get the best out of your site.

One Plug-in which may help you gain more traffic to your WordPress website is Yoast. Yoast gives a simple traffic light system on how to make your website optimised for search engines. By Optimising your website for search engines, I mean making your site compatible with the search engines criteria, so that your website features as high as possible on search engines (Also known as SEO). Following Yoast’s traffic light system, pointers and advice are given so you can alter your WordPress site making it rank higher the search engines.  Once Yoast gives you the green lights your site will be optimised meaning you are more likely to gain more traffic to your WordPress site. For this reason, Yoast gets our Air Websites Stamp of approval as we use this in all our Air Websites site.

Use Relevant Keywords

Search engines like Google want to give their audiences the most relevant content, by using SEO you will rank higher on search engines for your chosen keywords. An example of a keyword for a supermarket would be ‘Bread’. By optimising your site using the keywords in the relevant pages URL’s for example and in the website content, your website will rank higher for this word. Although SEO is time-consuming, the average clicks through rate for the 1st SEO position on a search engine is 46%. For this reason, optimising your site for search engines will gain you more traffic.

Regularly Upload New Content

Another way in which you can gain more traffic to your WordPress website is by regularly uploading new, fresh and unique content. You can add new content weekly to your blog page on your WordPress site for example. Make sure your content is entertaining, engaging and relevant to your audience. If so they will share these posts on social media, tell their friends and family to view the blogs. This will result in driving more traffic to your WordPress site. Blogging doesn’t have to be with text, infographics have a 40% better response rate compared to blogs. A video is also significantly more engaging that both infographics and blogs as they are shared 52% more than blogs.

Blogs can also gain your WordPress website. Blogging about your chosen keywords will boost your search engine positions for these chosen words. This means that your business will rank higher for those keywords meaning you will be gaining more traffic to your WordPress website from search engines. For both, the reasons stated our Air Websites blogs have blog pages and we are happy to advise you on creating blogs and also can provide that service.

So you really can gain more traffic to your word press website, by uploading new content which is rich in your relevant keywords and by using SEO in the structure of your site you will bring more content to your site. So it seems that gaining traffic to your WordPress site is as straightforward as getting a cost effective, professionally designed Air Websites website. Get in touch for more information.

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