Our Client

We Buy Any Sunbed provide a quick and efficient disposal solution for sunbeds. The company’s work is based around helping salon owners dispose of any old or unwanted sunbeds with minimum fuss and stress. Some UK salon owners may wish to upgrade their sunbed and need to make space fast; We Buy Any Sunbed is the solution who provide quick quotes, free pickup/hand delivery and other services. With 20 years’ experience in the industry, the company’s highly trained technicians can service, repair and part exchange units.

What the project entailed

We Buy Any Sunbed approached Air Websites for a website with a quick solution for their business purpose. The main target audience for this company is Salon owners across the UK who are looking to sell a sunbed either to create space or to upgrade. The website enables the company to tell users what they do and the services they provide including buying and selling sunbeds. We Buy Any Sunbed needed a website to reflect their quick and efficient service; our solution with our “Hard Worker” design was to include numerous call-to-actions throughout the website and a ‘Get A Valuation’ button which involves filling out a short form with simple details about the sunbed.

We Buy Any Sunbed

Air Design to Finished Product

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