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The Traditional Starch Company supplies traditional laundry starches in volume – spotting a gap in the market because supermarkets had stopped selling starch in favour of laundry sprays. Modern is not always better,  spray starch is not as effective and so Kershaw’s stepped up to meet the demand.

Unfortunately, our client was unable to manage the content of their previous site and after seeing our Air Websites adverts in the local press, they got in touch to see if we could help, and of course we could!

What the project entailed

The initial discussions resulted in our presenting a couple of suitable Air designs to meet the requirements for website content and sitemap. The Technology design was chosen as the best fit and we got to work. This project had some bespoke features including the integration of Paypal Buy Buttons.  This is the first Air Websites website that can handle payments (although it is not full Ecommerce as doesn’t have a basket).

We worked to a tight deadline (because prices needed changing on the previous website but it was inaccessible) and turned things round inside two weeks, from initial proposal to go-live. Not bad eh?

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Air Design to Finished Product

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