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Sheath Fault Specialists Ltd are a company who specialise in identifying sheath faults. It is crucial a sheath fault is resolved as soon as it is identified to avoid the failure of a cable which will be more costly and time-consuming. Sheath Fault provide several services including thorough testing using industry leading test equipment to effectively locate sheath faults on HV cables, efficient assessments to work out the best method of repair and their experienced excavation team are on-hand to find faults quickly near HV cables, avoiding any further damage.

What the project entailed

This was one of two websites created for the client who needed two websites, one to represent each part of their new business. Our ‘The Hard Worker’ one-pager design template was chosen for this site which provides key information and includes consistent references to the contact form which can be easily accessed by the user at the bottom of the site. The intuitive design of the site enables users to instantly learn about what the company does whilst effectively communicating the services they provide.

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