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Hembry High Voltage Services are high voltage electrical cabling and fitting specialists providing services across the UK’s Electrical Network. The company operates in all environments such as commercial, industrial, petrochemical whilst also specialising in the renewable sector. Some of the services they offer are cable jointing and terminations, substation installation and HV electrical fitting, cable installation and cable fault finding.

What the project entailed

This website forms the main site for our client who we also built the Sheath Fault Specialists site for which showcases the specialist sheath fault services they offer. This websites content was more tailored to the high voltage services the company provides. The client picked our ‘Showroom – Light’ website design template which comprises of multi-sections designed to outline the services available, like the Sheath Fault Specialists site. This site also includes a blog which the company can utilise to communicate their latest work and start to build on publishing engaging website content.

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