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Gills Joinery are a family-run team of skilled Yorkshire craftsmen with decades of experience in traditional joinery.

Every joinery project Gills work on is completely bespoke, and everything is hand-crafted by their dedicated team.

They come highly recommended by clients thanks to the team’s efficiency and high standards.

Gills respect tradition and approach each job with integrity, which meant they needed a website that would convey their experience, tradition and high-quality work.

Gills Joinery Logo

What the project entailed

They came to us for an Air Website that would do just that.

The brief was to rebuild and refresh their current WordPress site, so we chose our ‘Hardworker’ template as a base.

The design blends Gills’ tradition with a modern twist, and it went through a customisation stage using elements from the previous site.

We populated their new site with their own content, images and branding.

With a more modern look and feel, the new design perfectly conveys the right brand message for Gills alongside their tradition and craftsmanship.

The site showcases both their commercial and domestic work alongside a custom-built portfolio gallery and client testimonials.


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