Our Client

Fat Lad 4×4 carry out all aspects of off road and competition vehicle maintenance, repairs and preparation on 4×4 vehicles. The owner has been a longstanding client of ours and when he needed a website for his new business venture, he looked no further than Air Websites as this could be set up quickly and easily.

What the project entailed

The client went for the ‘Up & Running’ package with Design 6 (Showroom – Light). We created a logo for the new business and set about bringing the brand to life with a website that reflected the owner’s personality and experience with all things Land Rover. The site needed to showcase the wide range of services Fat Lad 4×4 provides for 4×4 enthusiasts like himself, while also creating a social media presence so the owner can keep visitors up to date with his latest projects in the workshop, special offers and latest news.

Fat Lad 4×4

Air Design to Finished Product

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What Fat Lad 4×4 said

"Awesome company. This is my 2nd website from Ascensor for our specialist 4x4 vehicle preparation company. The website, as you would expect from any website builder, looks well and explains what our company is all about.

The big difference that sets Ascensor apart from the rest though is how well the site performs in search engines, and how quickly Ascensor can get you up there. The quality and speed of service must also be mentioned, any changes we need making to the website, or minor issues that need to be dealt with, it's done, usually within a couple of hours. I have friends in the same industry, who have had sites built by other companies and they just don't perform as well as ours, and the back up just isn't there. If they need any changes making or issue sorting , they are waiting days for it to be done.

Ascensor are already working on my 3rd website. I can't recommend Ascensor highly enough."

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