With 97% of consumers now going online to research products and services locally, you can no longer run a successful business without a web presence. From retail stores and restaurants through to local tradesmen, you want to be accessible online for new customers or to be there to help with enquiries that will grow your online presence, and your sales in return. But how can you get started with a cost-effective website?

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What is the Primary Purpose of your Website?

Generally, websites serve as a 24-hour helpdesk that provides general information about your company and your services (known as a brochure site) or acts as a direct platform for Ecommerce. Do you have items you would like to sell online? Are you simply wanting to create an online space for your store to let new customers know where you are or do you want people to get in touch with you about your services?

What Content do you Need?

Web content usually includes images, videos and text. Marketing content can include blog posts, videos, case studies and possibly infographics (a visual representation of information or data such as a chart or diagram). Your content is there to educate your audience and potential customers about your products and services. The goal is to offer help, tips or provide knowledge about your services that will be useful to your audience or engaging. So, what does your audience want from your website? What content can you provide to help your users answer their queries or any additional information?

Building Your Website

You can find a range of our Air designs here that have been professionally designed by our in-house team of web developers. Our designs are low cost, fast, responsive and smart. With an Air Website, you get your own business manager who will help you with everything from choosing your website design, through to completion and training for your CMS (content management system) so you can manage your site. If you are unable to provide your own content, we have a copywriting service that can provide this for you. We can source high-quality images to help you get a professional look and feel from your website, and also provide you with a marketing solution to generate sales and enquiries after your website has gone live.

Get in touch with us here to get started with your new business website!

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